Jewels Of The Sky ~ by Oracle

July 28, 2010
I was thrilled to get this EP in the mail last Friday. For American readers who may not be familiar with EPs I'll give a brief explanation. EP stands for Extended Play as opposed to single which had only one song per side and to LP which was Long Play and had 5 or 6 cuts per side back in the days of vinyl. In those days, EPs looked slightly different than LPs in that they were smaller in diameter and only contained 2 or 3 songs on each side. They never really caught on in the US most likely because record companies made more money on the other two formats. They have always been popular in other countries and are great for Indie artists who can now get a record out without so much expensive studio time. Today EPs look like any other cd but contain fewer songs generally 4 or 5 depending on the length of the songs. They are also called mini albums in some places. Three of the songs on this EP - Lost and Lonely, Stagecoach and Ecstasy recently made it to the semi finals in the UK Songwriters contest along with another of David's songs. Having all four of the songs entered go beyond the first round is a real testament to the writing skills of Oracle's David McClean. These songs have a definite style that most songwriters take decades to fully develop. David and co founder Brian Mellors, along with lead guitar player and producer Chris Logan have every reason to be proud of this EP. The talents of the band members fully compliment one another in each of the songs offered here. The entire EP is very atmospheric with the music perfectly complimenting but never downing out the lyrics. Each song has its own mood and draws the listener in with ease. They run the gamut from a more acoustic sound to rock elements. Songs like Best Days and Lost and Lonely have the kind of pop quality that will make you sing along. Stagecoach and Ecstasy are so hauntingly beautiful that they demand that you just listen. If there is a recurring theme it seems to be that these songs give voice to the feeling of being an outsider. Tortured Soul will surely resonate especially with fans of Twilight or anyone trying to find their place in the world. All and all, Jewels of the Sky is a remarkable debut album and I can't wait to see what they follow up with. Rumor has it that the group will find its way back to the studio soon so hopefully we won't have to wait too long for their next one. Song List Lost and Lonely Tortured Soul Stagecoach Best Days Ecstasy Samples can be heard and the ep can be purchased at the band's myspace page here It is also available at iTunes here

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